The Purr-anormal - Act 02

We continue with George and Marcus being possessed as they collect all of the podcasting equipment and disappear deeper into the house. While Justin Case wants to leave them for the horrible transgression of touching his microphone, but Tripp can't give up on the biggest paranormal event of his life. (Or give up on his childhood friend, right?) As George and Marcus build a machine to summon the ghost, the other horrible people need to decide on what to do. Can Tripp bring George back from the edge of madness? Can Justin get a new microphone? Has Marcus just been huffing too many paint fumes? Find out as we return Back to the Old House.


Special Guest:

Kate from Ignorance Was Bliss


Playset: Back to the Old House -

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Podcaster themes were by Antti Luode -

All sound effects were used under Creative Commons.