Monday Night Misadventures - Act 02

After the mishap in the ring, Ryan "Thundercrack" Price is hospitalized with a broken back. Knowing that their original plans to get out of the company are falling apart, "Crazy" Colton Mack has to find another way. He convinces Mr.McMasterson that the upcoming Holiday Pain event might be fine after all as the evil twin is finally revealed. Can the guys have a happy ending on their way out of the company? Will Robert "Boulderfist" Mack be able to take his brother's place in the spotlight? Find out as we wrap up our wrestling story.

Special Guest: Chris Osborne from Play Comics and Meddling Kids


Playset: Blood and Ropes

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Royalty Free music for our scenes -

Wrestler entrance themes were by Antti Luode

All sound effects were used under Creative Commons.