Clam Magnate Mysteries - Act 01

Rexinald McMasterson is trying to spend some time at sea to relax and find inspiration for his next book with Poncho Contreras, his lacky, in tow. Elias G. Werthenhammer is trying to find solace in travel after his time in the war. Eisenhower "Diggle" Buckner captures his dreams by piloting a boat on the open seas. Josephine Primrose relaxes on the cruise to enjoy her honeymoon.

How do all of these seemingly random characters fit together?

A body, suddenly found, ends up exposing a dark secret from all of their pasts.

Will Rexinald be able to use his experience as a crime novelist to solve the crime? Will Elias be able to truly escape what happened in Madagascar? Will Poncho be able to pay off those student debts while being an apprentice? Find out as we kick off the Clam Magnate Mystery.


Special Guests:

Jared aka Best Day

Corbin from Corbin vs The World

Addie aka Adeliza Backas-Pace


Playset: The Closed Circle

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Royalty Free music for our scenes -

All sound effects were used under Creative