Master of Goblins - Act 01

A group of goblins, in service to The Master, have managed to retrieve a precious relic. They could hand things off to The Master.....or they could create a better life for themselves while screwing over everyone else.

Who will end up with the "Smallest Blade Known to Goblin Kind"? Will it be Quigrel Baffgrab, wanting to use the power of the relic to convince Grabbledeen Tablesalt to spawn with them? Will it be Slabbery Tong, who wants to take his lead as The New Master? Or will it be Slab Snotgrit and Grunkle Dunkle, two goblins literally stitched together, who want to keep everything in check? Find out as we climb through the dirtiest cave for this dark fantasy story.



Kenny and Kelrick from ExQueerience Points


Playset: Goblin World

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