Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag - Act 01

The local small town art gallery can house a lot of things. Independent artists jockeying for their chance in the spotlight, family drama, and sometimes a bag of cold hard cash. It's just another day, until that surprise bag of money they found has it's owner looking to get it back.

Can Matt keep his event at the gallery from going off the rails?

Can Pete keep his wife Mary happy as her still life art is unveiled?

Can Riley sneak their wiener-dog sculptures into the event?

Find out as we play this exclusive playset with one of the minds behind Fiasco, Jason Morningstar.


Playset: Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag

Guest: Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games

Check out Fiasco and their other games https://d.rip/bullypulpitgames


Royalty Free music for our scenes - https://www.looperman.com/

All sound effects were used under Creative Commons.