Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag - Act 02

After the bag of money has gone missing, the group starts to turn on each other.

Is the brotherly bond of Pete and Matt stronger than the marriage Pete has with Mary?

Is Riley's love of the art studio stronger than their hatred for Mary?

Can they find the bag of money before Roy decides to shoot someone?

Find out as we wrap up our story, playing an exclusive playset with the creator of Fiasco.


Playset: Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag

Guest: Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games

Check out Fiasco and their other games at: https://bullypulpitgames.com/ and https://d.rip/bullypulpitgames


Royalty Free music for our scenes - https://www.looperman.com/

All sound effects were used under Creative Commons.