Rolling Dem Crossbones - Act 01

Captain Nobeard, recently marooned on a derelict ship with his spectral friend Owen, ends up being rescued. Unfortunately, their savior? Captain Rye, the leader of the mutiny that put Nobeard on that derelict ship.

After Nobeard agrees to legally give the ship to Rye, the crew joins up and Owen quickly realizes that nobody else can see him. Except for the sole other crew member, Edwin. All should be fine, after the crew docks and goes their separate ways, but that's not the pirate way. Instead, a secret map (possibly tying into Owen's curse) for the treasure of Wild Goose is discovered. Can our pirates put aside their rivalries long enough to save Owen's soul? Will this wild goose chase end in treasures? Can the listeners stand to hear us talk in poorly executed pirate voices? Find out as we hit the high seas in Act 01 of our pirate arc.


Guest: Ty from Side Character Quest

Playset: Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho!

Check out the game Fiasco by Bully Pulpit Games

Royalty Free music for our scenes - https://www.looperman.com/

All sound effects were used under Creative Commons.