Side Character Quest

Rolling Dem Crossbones - Act 02

After realizing the wild goose chase that they were on was in fact chasing a man by the name of "Wild Goose" the crew has some regrets about the original mutiny. Captain Rye, not one to be outdone by Nobeard, decides to steal the cursed pouch for themselves, only to then become cursed with Owen's presence, which gets them on board for the journey. As we set sail again, the question then turns from if they can find the treasure to whom will be returning with the treasure. Can the crew get along until the curse is lifted? Can Captain Rye resume power on the ship? Can we figure out how to stop talking like pirates after all of this? (Seriously, it's been over a month now, I'm kind of worried.) Find out, as we pickup with Act 02.

Guest: Ty from Side Character Quest

Playset: Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho!

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