Derek Graziano

Derek is the original mind behind this whole fiasco (see what we did there?) who decided that the podcast world needed a little more chaos and that his world needed a lot more late nights spent editing each episode's joyous nonsense into something coherent. Derek's magic power is being able to leap from "hilarious" to "hey wait, this is giving me feelings" in a single bound.


Characters: Mostly Dead  

Coffee: Yes  

Impressions: Bane

Patience: Remarkable


Megan Danger

Megan is too cool to have a normal last name. They're also the co-host that's easily the most talented, creative, attractive, and - coincidentally - in charge of writing everyone's bios. When not inventing irredeemable yet strangely lovable dirt-bag characters, Megan co-hosts the comedy and classic literature podcast, Oh No! Lit Class


Gender: No  

Puns: Intended 

Schemes: Poorly Planned

Cat: Loud


Charles Kelly

Charles has both a terrible meat-face and the ability to magically "yes-and" literally anything. When not being a sketchy undercover cop, sketchy cowboy or sketchy superhero, Charles is the co-founder and executive producer of the podcast network NoCo FM, Dungeon Master on the D&D podcast Talk N Roll, and the owner of a terrible, terrible meat-face.


Sorry: Always

Glasses: Stylish  

Mouth Crimes: Many  

Name Generating: A+